Corporate Governance

ERM Power aspires to best practice corporate governance in accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

Responsibility for ERM Power’s corporate governance and compliance rests with the Board. The Board’s guiding principle in meeting this responsibility is to act honestly, conscientiously and fairly, in accordance with the law, in the interests of shareholders (with a view to building sustainable value for them), employees and other stakeholders.

The Board is specifically responsible for establishing the delegated limits of authority for ERM Power’s executive employees and attending to matters reserved for Board decision-making.

The Board has established an Audit & Risk Committee and a Remuneration & Nomination Committee, each of which are chaired by an independent Non-Executive Director and comply with the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

A Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability Committee chaired by the CEO assists the Board in setting the policies and processes for compliance with all ERM Power’s workplace health and safety obligations and environmental and sustainability matters.

ERM Power has adopted a Board Charter (which is reviewed and amended from time to time as the Board considers appropriate) to give formal recognition of the Board’s role and responsibilities and to specify how ERM Power is governed so as to promote ERM Power and protect the interests of shareholders, employees, customers and the broader community.

To view further information on ERM Power’s charters and policies, please click on the relevant link below: