About ERM


ERM Power & the Environment

At ERM Power, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and creating a more sustainable energy market.

How we demonstrate our commitment

We only own and operate gas-fired generators to support the transition to renewable, intermittent energy generation. We do not own or operate coal-fired generators.

Knowing that energy efficiency is the quickest and cheapest form of carbon abatement, we have built an Energy Solutions business that’s all about showing customers how to use less energy and maximise energy productivity (making the most of their energy investment).
We have launched a corporate renewable power purchase agreement product to facilitate easier access to renewable energy sources for commercial and industrial customers.

We write ‘offtake’ agreements with wind and solar power producers. These are agreements between ERM Power (the buyer) and wind and solar producers that we will buy or sell a set amount of their future production. These agreements are often negotiated before the generators are constructed to guarantee that there will be a market for these renewables once production starts.

We have launched new-generation financial instruments into the market to support developers of renewables infrastructure and corporate customers.

What we believe about energy & the environment

That climate change is real

That climate change and energy are inextricably linked

That we can punch above our weight to help Australia reduce emissions

In the science behind climate change

That renewables are the way of the future

That the most efficient way to reduce emissions is by using less energy

Towards integrated energy & climate policy

We see renewables as the way forward. We actively support efforts to bring energy and climate policy together, advocating for integrated and coordinated national policy. Reducing emissions from the electricity sector is a vital part of Australia’s long-term plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, we promote the efficient use of energy and resources, and the minimisation of waste.

We believe in orderly transition to low emissions electricity generation, with the closure of high emission generators forming part of the pathway to a low emissions economy. ERM Power has publicly committed to playing its role by signing up for Take2 – the Victoria State Government’s climate change pledge program.

Our responsibly operated power stations

ERM Power owns two gas-fired ‘peaking’ power stations – one in Oakey, Queensland, and one in Neerabup, Western Australia – and as operators we are responsible for ensuring compliance with environmental licencing conditions.

Both stations play a vital role in the transition to renewables by providing fast-ramping support for intermittent generation. To minimise environmental impact, ‘peaking’ power stations such as these only run during times of peak energy demand.

Our power station teams maintain high efficiency standards to manage operational and environmental impact. From these stations, we regularly monitor and report on a broad range of environmental factors. These include air and water quality, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, pest control and chemical use.

Not only do we keep an eye on things as they are today; we also continually seek new efficiencies and improvements.

Power Station Photo

Reducing emissions through better energy management

ERM Power’s energy management solutions are designed to cut emissions by reducing the amount of electricity our commercial and industrial customers use.

We help customers manage the volatility of the energy markets on the supply side through flexible contracting arrangements, and on the demand side through energy efficiency and productivity initiatives.

We identify our customers’ ‘resource efficiency’ (how to create more with less), and then we deliver products and services that reduce their environmental impact.

Our customers can access practical and affordable energy solutions that reduce this impact, lessen the balance of their bills and enhance the energy productivity of their day-to-day operations.

ERM Power’s suite of energy solutions includes data-driven advisory services, project management and digital services to help customers reduce energy spend and operate more sustainably overall.

What’s better for the environment is better for the bottom line too. We target savings of 25% or more for our Energy Solutions customers.

The proof is in the data

No need to take our word for it. We invite prospective clients and stakeholders to view the emissions comparison chart below. Here, you can see ERM Power’s emissions vs. some of our competitors.*

FY2017 total emissions (t CO2-e)

*Data published in November 2018 by the Federal Government via National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) reporting.

Advocating for solar solutions

ERM Power partners with pre-qualified suppliers to provide turnkey solar solutions for our commercial and industrial clients. These can be designed to fulfil the entirety of the business’s energy needs or become part of their overall energy productivity mix.

We have brought innovation to the commercial solar market through Solpod, a world-first mobile method of deploying and installing large-scale rooftop commercial solar installations.

Green certificates and GreenPower

We are one of the biggest buyers of “green” certificates in Australia. Green certificates are regulatory certificates from renewable energy generators.

Under the GreenPower Program, we offer Government-accredited renewable energy to customers. This allows customers to make voluntary contributions that exceed regulatory requirements.

Putting our support behind renewables infrastructure

ERM Power has entered into offtake agreements with developers of wind and solar farms. Our investment was instrumental in the construction of Edify Energy’s 58MW Hamilton Solar Farm in regional Queensland and Nexif Energy’s 126MW Lincoln Gap Wind Farm in South Australia.

The Lincoln Gap project is expected to offset approximately 680,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

In addition to offtake agreements, our renewables-specific financial instruments support developers of renewables infrastructure and corporate customers.

ERM Power has also launched a corporate renewable power purchase agreement product to facilitate easier access to renewable energy sources for commercial and industrial customers.

Leading from within

We champion sustainability internally through our employee-led Green Team, which develops and implements a range of sustainability initiatives.

ERM Power’s Brisbane headquarters at 111 Eagle Street has a 6 Star Green rating, a 5.5 Star NABERS energy rating and a 4.5 Star NABERS water rating.