Safety Initiatives

ERM Power has an uncompromising approach to safety.

Employees identify risks and take action to prevent loss or harm to people, communities and environment. ERM Power has a lifetime record of no permanent injuries covering more than five million exposure hours and the construction of six major gas-fired power stations and three high-pressure gas pipelines.

ERM Power’s safety record is a testament to the effectiveness of our hazard reporting systems, positive safety culture and management commitment to safety.

The Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability (HSES) Committee assists ERM Power to operate its businesses safely, responsibly and sustainably. To download a copy of the HSES Committee’s charter, click here and to download a copy of the HSES policy, click here.

Managers promote a safe culture by encouraging open incident reporting and discussion of safety issues and hazards in leadership meetings. Senior managers regularly visit work sites and participate in condition inspections and planned job observations, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to safe work.

ERM Power safety initiatives:

Hazard and near miss reporting to help identify risks

Active investigation of hazards

Safety training across the business

Staff rewarded for showing safety initiative

Dedicated on-site safety officers for projects

Mandatory on-site alcohol and drug testing

Monitoring of industry incident reports.