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ERM Power is proud to announce its role in the Queensland Government’s Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) project.

ERM Power is one of 3 partners selected to deliver the $97 million ACES program, following a tender process. The two regions awarded to ERM Power – Metropolitan and Darling Downs South West – cover 327 schools.

State schools are one of the Queensland Government’s highest energy users. The Queensland Government’s ACES program intends to reduce energy costs by up to 20% across 872 state schools through solar and energy efficiency measures, and to contribute approximately 35 MW solar and create up to 300 jobs.

The ACES contract built on ERM Power’s proven track record in delivering both electricity contracting and energy solutions to the education sector.


State schools are one of the Queensland Government’s highest energy users, spending approximately $57 million on energy annually. The $97m Advancing Clean Energy Schools (ACES) program intends reduce energy costs by up to 40% across 872 Queensland state schools through solar and energy efficiency measures. The program also aims to contribute approximately 35 MW of solar and create 300 jobs. More information on the program can be found here:

The Department of Education (DoE) has appointed three partners to deliver a performance based, phased program in its seven operational regions after an exhaustive competitive tender process. ERM has been awarded the Metropolitan Region (228 schools) and the Darling Downs South West Region (99 schools).  Maps for reference:

Industry partners were selected based on their capability, capacity and shared vision to deliver a range of energy conservation measures (ECMs) and behind-the-meter generation for nominated schools.

Due to the differences between Queensland’s schools (size, location, topography, buildings), the energy initiatives for each school will be assessed and recommended on a school-by-school basis. Energy efficiency measures will vary across schools and may include solar panels, LED lighting and load control on air conditioning and hot water systems and other measures. Individual site assessments will be required prior to determining the solutions that will best deliver a reduction in energy costs for schools across Queensland.

The ACES program is self-funded using savings made from the reduction of school energy costs. Long term savings will go towards supporting other programs and services provided by the department.

The ACES program will be implemented over three years, with phase one underway with up to 30 state schools in each of the department’s seven regions to be completed by the end of December/January school holidays. Phases two and three will occur during 2020 and 2021.

Priority will be given to schools based on a range of factors, including the potential for a return on investment, current levels of energy use, student numbers and site conditions.

The ACES program is being rolled out over three years. The Department of Education will contact schools directly to confirm when they will participate in the program. Schools do not need to apply to be part of the program.

ERM Power is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable opportunities for local Queensland suppliers and sub-contractors to participate within the ACES program.

To register your interest, please fill in our enquiry form here.

ERM will consider the following criteria as a minimum in addition to price or cost when considering value for money on a whole-of-life basis:

– demonstrated safety performance, systems and credentials
– formalised Quality and WHS Management System (ISO9001 and AS4801 or equivalent)
– hold relevant licences and accreditation
– proximity to project site and previous experience working in schools environement
– ease of communication
– access to a technologically literate and skilled workforce
– ability to meet and successful administer compliance obligations including after-delivery support and maintenance

For more information on the ACES Project, visit the Queensland Government Department of Education website

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