Author - Laura Webb

Energy Efficient Communities Program

Energy Efficient Communities Program – High Energy Using Business Grants

Paving a way to making your business more energy efficient can be challenging. Energy management is complex and energy efficiency objectives differ based on each company’s specific business and sustainability needs.
You need expert advice to understand what solutions will be best for your specific operation. Not all energy solutions are created equal.
Some businesses look for energy roadmaps to deliver their energy efficiency objectives, while some are looking for upgrades to newer and more technologically advanced equipment. Others have already…

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Funding Energy Efficiency Projects

Right now, capital expenditure funding is under pressure for many organisations. For those businesses committed to energy efficiency and carbon reduction improvements, these financial constraints should not mean you have to give up on your energy goals. In fact, there may be ways to kickstart your energy efficiency projects now by utilising government grants and energy certificate schemes and considering financing options.
On-bill financing
On-bill financing gives ERM Power customers an opportunity to turn planned energy-related capex into an operational expenditure…

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