Author - Phoebe Mann

Energy Audits Help Businesses See the Big Picture and Save

If you’re about to green-light an energy efficiency investment, start smart with an energy audit.
An energy audit of your organisation will shine a light on your strengths and weaknesses and help you make better-informed decisions in the future.
According to ERM’s Digital Innovation and Advisory Lead, Pete Tickler, this can save you prematurely pulling the trigger on significant energy efficiency investments that may not be right for your organisation.
A holistic approach
Energy efficiency has so many moving parts and variables that…

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Using The ERM Power App

Smart Advice to Secure the Best Energy Deal

Considering switching business energy providers? A word to the wise: lock in the best possible terms by thinking green and assuming nothing.
Having dealt with soaring energy costs for years, organisations are becoming savvy. They know they can save significantly if they negotiate wholesale energy prices with retailers. What many don’t realise is that’s not the only way you can control what you pay for energy.
You have the power
“While network tariffs are fixed costs that stay the same no matter…

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ERM Power Lodges Submission to the National Energy Guarantee

ERM commends the ESB for embedding competition imperatives in the Guarantee. These cannot be compromised.
Guarantee must not diminish competition or entrench the power of large energy incumbents.
ERM Power’s final submission on the National Energy Guarantee supports key design elements which foster competition and market liquidity for the benefit of consumers while noting areas that require more consideration.
ERM Power CEO Jon Stretch said impressive progress has been made in designing the Guarantee in a highly consultative process which is a…

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Energy Management Software

Through our web-based energy and emissions software, we are already helping some of Australia’s largest organisations uncover, and act on, opportunities to reduce their energy, water and waste.
Energy Management & Reporting
Our reporting suite, Greensense View® works by firstly connecting all your data across your facilities – from your energy and water utilities, meter data agents, building management systems and sub metering networks.
Showcase your Sustainability Investment
With our customer data dashboards and real-time view, you can:

instantly act on issues and opportunities

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