Quarterly Wholesale Energy Market Update: April – June 2020

In this quarter’s update, watch David Guiver, Executive General Manager Energy Trading, along with Andrew Hines, Senior Energy Trader, talk about Small-scale technology certificates, electricity price outcomes for the various types of generation technology and material reductions in emissions intensity in the National Electricity Market.

This video has been prepared for information and explanatory purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon by any person. Customers should seek independent advice before making any decisions about electricity contracting arrangements.

If you…

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Big Business Energy Bill

What makes up your business energy bill?

As businesses sharpen their focus on costs, it may help to gain a better understanding of the different components that make up your electricity bill. This could help you to pinpoint important savings for your business.
In this article, we’ll break down a typical large customer bill for you, item by item, while offering some tips to lower your energy costs.
Retail Charges
Retail charges on your energy bill offer the potential for cost savings.
Your retail charges are based on different time…

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Energy Efficient Communities Program

Energy Efficient Communities Program – High Energy Using Business Grants

Paving a way to making your business more energy efficient can be challenging. Energy management is complex and energy efficiency objectives differ based on each company’s specific business and sustainability needs.
You need expert advice to understand what solutions will be best for your specific operation. Not all energy solutions are created equal.
Some businesses look for energy roadmaps to deliver their energy efficiency objectives, while some are looking for upgrades to newer and more technologically advanced equipment. Others have already…

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Funding Energy Efficiency Projects

Right now, capital expenditure funding is under pressure for many organisations. For those businesses committed to energy efficiency and carbon reduction improvements, these financial constraints should not mean you have to give up on your energy goals. In fact, there may be ways to kickstart your energy efficiency projects now by utilising government grants and energy certificate schemes and considering financing options.
On-bill financing
On-bill financing gives ERM Power customers an opportunity to turn planned energy-related capex into an operational expenditure…

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Energy Market Price Changes

Wholesale Energy Market Price Changes: Can You Take Advantage?

With Australian businesses squarely focused on responding to today’s uncharted challenges, it would be little wonder if you missed changes in Australia’s wholesale energy market prices. However, at a time when finding business cost savings is paramount, these price changes may present you with a chance to lower your business energy costs and take more control over your future power bills.
Changes in wholesale energy market prices
Wholesale electricity prices for the eastern states have reduced significantly since October 2019. With…

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Five-minute settlement rule changes

Three Month Delay to Five-Minute Settlement Market

The implementation of the Five-Minute Settlement Market has been delayed by three months to 1 October 2021 in a final determination made by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC).
In April, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) requested a 12-month delay to the rule’s commencement in response to the global pandemic to allow market participants to focus on the ongoing supply of electricity and support for energy customers.
The Commission has stated that its determination for a three-month delay balances the…

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Quarterly Wholesale Energy Market Update: January – March 2020

This quarter, Executive General Manager Wholesale Energy Markets David Guiver discusses price, generation mix and demand outcomes across each state. He looks at fuel impacts and their potential influence on spot price and forward electricity contract market price. David also discusses the environmental certificate market, in particular the spot price of the four main schemes.

This video has been prepared for information and explanatory purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon by any person. Customers should seek…

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Lower CO2 Emissions

Effectively Transitioning To Lower Carbon Emissions

I am often asked by our customers “how do we make the transition to lower carbon emissions in a way that is appropriate for our business?” In principle, to advance the transition is relatively simple – we start with clear targets and move from there. To answer what is “appropriate” is more challenging as it will be quite subjective considering each business’s unique circumstances. Their journey towards lower carbon emissions may be driven by a desire for cost savings,…

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ERM QUT Sponsorship for women

ERM drives diversity in tech with QUT Undergraduate Scholarship for women

ERM Power is excited to announce applications are open for the ERM Power Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in IT.
The scholarship was created in partnership with QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty. The program was established in 2019 as part of ERM’s continued commitment and investment in improving diversity both within their business and STEM fields of work.
The scholarship is valued at $20,000 and is open to undergraduate students enrolled in full-time studies in Information Technology, Engineering (Computer and Software Systems)…

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This Summer's Energy Market Highlights

This Summer’s Energy Market Highlights

Ever wondered about the underlying events in the wholesale energy market? Let’s see what has impacted the Australian energy market over the summer.
Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Critical Peak Demand Day, as declared by AusNet – ausnetservices.com.au/Business/Electricity/Demand-Management/Critical-Peak-Demand-Tariff

Monday, 30 December 2019

High temperatures in Victoria, some coal-fired units were offline for maintenance and transmission line outages occurred.
AEMO dispatched RERT in Victoria in trading intervals from 5 pm to 11 pm – aemo.com.au/energy-systems/electricity/emergency-management/reliability-and-emergency-reserve-trader-rert
The Victorian spot price was $6,449/MWh for the period from 3 pm…

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The value of service: ERM Power ranks number one for customer satisfaction

ERM Power has been ranked number one for customer satisfaction in the Utility Market Intelligence (UMI) Survey for the ninth consecutive year, confirming the value of service when it comes to helping customers manage their energy needs.
The UMI survey is undertaken each year by independent research company NTF Group and surveys large customers of major electricity retailers.
The survey revealed a 94 per cent satisfaction rating for customers of ERM Power – 21 points higher than the next best performing…

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Network Tariff Optimisation

Our complimentary network tariff review could save your business money

With a Network Tariff Review fast approaching in March, we explain exactly what it means and explore how it can assist larger businesses in managing the cost of energy.
What to look out for and why
Twice a year, our Operations Team conduct a review of our large customers’ network tariffs to identify potential savings for their business. This is a complimentary service that we offer our customers and one that has proven highly effective in helping our larger customers stay…

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Retailer Reliability Obligation

The Retailer Reliability Obligation

We take a closer look at exactly what the Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) is and what’s been happening since it came into effect in July 2019.
RRO Update
The Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) formally took effect on July 1 2019. Since then, the South Australian Minister for Energy and Mining has triggered the RRO in South Australia for certain periods during January to March 2022 and 2023.
For all other states in the NEM, this authority sits with AEMO which must identify…

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David Guiver for ERM Power's Quarterly Wholesale Market Update

Quarterly Wholesale Market Update: October – December 2019

This quarter, Executive General Manager Trading, David Guiver, has a final look at the 2019 LGC supply-demand balance, talks about Q4 ’19 electricity and generation supply mix and looks back at the historical energy contract prices to see if there are lessons to be learned for the future.

Need help gaining control of your energy consumption and usage? We can help you navigate a complex energy environment, targeting an average 25% improvement in your business’ energy productivity. Learn more about…

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