What’s your business energy going to cost you these holidays?

What’s your business energy going to cost you these holidays?

Your buildings could be costing you money this holiday season, according to data and analysis of commercial energy use from ERM Power.

Megan Houghton, ERM Power’s Executive General Manager Energy Solutions, says their analysis may surprise many executives, but close to one in 10 commercial premises in Australia are running energy intensive building systems despite being unoccupied on public holidays.

“Applying these findings to the National Electricity Market, we estimate Australian businesses potentially waste about two million kilowatt hours of power on Christmas Day¹, the equivalent to the energy consumed by more than 170,000 Australian homes in a day².

“With volatile wholesale energy prices, every kilowatt counts and remembering to program your building management systems with the public holidays in mind is just one way to save.

“It all adds up – with about ten public holidays a year, this can prove to be a costly oversight and with Christmas and New Year public holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time to check if your business is prepared” said Megan.

Megan says this simple public holiday exercise demonstrates why data is king for organisations serious about reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. Every kilowatt of power not consumed represents lower energy costs and a saving in carbon emissions.

“Data analytics play an increasingly important role in energy management. Not only can analysing your business’s energy consumption help identify areas of waste and opportunities for efficiency, data insight can help design the best value energy plan for your business – and the team here at ERM Power is focussed on deploying and tracking the outcomes for you too, to optimise your energy performance”, says Megan.


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¹ Based on ERM Power C&I customer data. Figure estimated by taking the excess energy consumed by ERM customers on 25 December 2018 (over and above a standard non-business day), extrapolated to the full Commercial Industrial market in Australia. 
² Figure calculated using the national weighted average consumption of energy use of homes in the AEMC 2018 Residential Electricity Price Trends 21 December 2018.