Energy Management Software

Through our web-based energy and emissions software, we are already helping some of Australia’s largest organisations uncover, and act on, opportunities to reduce their energy, water and waste.

Energy Management & Reporting

Our reporting suite, Greensense View® works by firstly connecting all your data across your facilities – from your energy and water utilities, meter data agents, building management systems and sub metering networks.

Showcase your Sustainability Investment

With our customer data dashboards and real-time view, you can:

  • instantly act on issues and opportunities
  • drill down on your energy use to identify big savings
  • spot anomalies in real time – such as high night-time loads or over-worked HVAC
  • benchmark across your portfolio to see best and worst performers
  • accurately track and report on energy, water and waste costs and emissions
  • use heat maps, portfolio comparisons and trend tracking to aid decision making
  • easily extract the data required for NABERS and NGER

Our Greensense View dashboards can be displayed on:

  • monitor screens,
  • mobile devices,
  • embedded in your intranet or as an interactive kiosk.


Through the power of Greensense Posterboards™ in your public areas, you can make a big impact on the big screen with sustainability messages for your business:

  • to engage your staff, other building occupants and visitors
  • to showcase environmental performance for NABERS and NGER
  • to track and benchmark the impact of your sustainability investment through custom designed, animated big screen displays.
  • sustainability-information-hub


Both Greensense View and Posterboards are provided as ongoing fully-managed software, so you don’t have to host them using your own IT infrastructure.