ERM Power invests in residential energy retailers

Residential Investment

Many of our customers may not be aware that ERM Power has investments in two residential energy retailers. Leveraging our strengths and experience in the business sector, these companies stand to benefit from our many years of energy expertise.

Why residential?

Having canvassed a range of options aimed at diversifying our investments and strengthening our market share and capabilities, a few years ago ERM Power invested in two businesses that serve residential customers: Energy Locals and 1st Energy.

EGM Energy Retail Steve Rogers says the company recognised that its strengths in trading and commercial energy retailing can add substantial value for emerging retail energy businesses. With Energy Locals and 1st Energy being two such businesses, and the residential energy market proving a promising sector for growth, investing in these seemed the ideal strategic fit.

“ERM Power is entrepreneurial by nature and we see good commercial value in supporting start-ups operating within our sector of expertise”

“We are strong at selling electricity to businesses, and arrangements we have in place with Energy Locals and 1st Energy as a result of these investments help build on that strength.”

Energy Locals

Energy Locals is a 100% Australian owned and operated business that’s challenging the traditional residential energy business model. They claim industry-best metering and smart data capabilities to ensure accurate billing and offer flexible contracts with no exit fees.

Energy Locals is carbon neutral, buying carbon offsets for 100% of the energy they sell to their customers. They’ve been voted third in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Rankings and are a proud supporter of charities, schools and communities in their clean energy endeavours.

1st Energy

As a small but highly experienced operator, 1st Energy prides itself on offering affordable rates, flexible payment options and customer service that’s local, prompt and effective.

Find out more

To find out more about Energy Locals, click here.

To find out more about 1st Energy, click here.

Speak to either retailer and tell them you are an ERM Power customer and they will look after you.


If you have any questions, please contact your account manager, otherwise get in touch with us.