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About Foamex

Foamex is an Australian owned and operated company which has been supplying polystyrene products to commercial and residential customers since 1982.

As a leading polystyrene manufacturer, Foamex’s processes are energy intensive and the company is continually looking for ways to hedge against energy price volatility, strengthen their position in the market and ultimately secure their long-term profitability and survival.

Foamex has invested in energy efficiency projects before and were looking to uncover further innovative, energy productivity options.

The ERM Approach

In September 2018, Foamex engaged ERM Power to conduct an energy assessment on their Bayswater North site. ERM Power’s detailed energy assessments use data science and analytics to form a comprehensive view of an organisation’s energy needs. ERM’s in-depth knowledge and experience across the entire energy landscape provides unparalleled insights and advice to customers and ERM Power was able to use Foamex’s energy data to clearly and accurately identify energy productivity opportunities. “The solutions were simple, but valuable, such as selecting the right tariff and reducing energy waste like air leaks and heat loss through inadequate insulation and poor process control on some equipment,” said Mr Russell Bielenberg, Foamex Group Manufacturing Manager.

ERM Power’s end-to-end expertise in the energy market streamlines a logistically complex audit process which often requires multiple providers. This holistic approach meant that Foamex experienced minimal interruptions to their operations during the assessment process.

“Foamex has had energy assessments conducted on their sites in the past, but the level of detail that went into ERM Power’s process was incomparable.”

- Russell Bielenberg, Foamex Group Manufacturing Manager

The Impact

Electricity Costs


Potential reduction
on electricity costs

Natural Gas


Reduction on natural
gas costs per annum



Combined annual savings
potential for electricity and gas


399t CO2-e

Potential greenhouse
gas emissions reductions

ERM Power’s energy experts identified a potential 31% reduction on electricity costs, a 16% reduction on natural gas costs per annum and outlined potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 399t CO2-e per year. The energy assessment results identified were more than what were expected by Foamex.

“There were items we did not foresee, that came as a result of the experience of the ERM Power Energy Solutions team and the processes that they followed,” said Mr Bielenberg.

Thanks to the savings identified from the energy assessment, Foamex is now looking at the possibility of having surplus funds to reinvest back into the business, ensuring the long-term strength and competitiveness of their company.

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ERM Power helped Foamex, a leading Australian polystyrene manufacturer, find ways to hedge against the energy price volatility, strengthen their position in the market and secure long-term profitability.

FOAMEX Energy Case Study