The GPT Group Energy Masterplan – A pathway to net zero carbon emissions

In 2018, The GPT Group engaged ERM Power to help them develop a strategy for achieving net zero carbon emissions for the GPT Wholesale Office Fund by 2020.

“GPT aims to be a zero-carbon company by 2030 but our wholesale office fund will have its building’s being zero carbon by 2020,” says Steve Ford, Head of Sustainability at GPT. “It is a very bold target, but it is one that we know we can do.”

Nick Jones, Head of Strategic Clients at ERM Power, and his team of energy experts worked closely with GPT to develop a holistic energy management approach. ERM considered the way the company purchased as well as consumed, their energy.

The resulting GPT Energy Masterplan delivered a roadmap for achieving net zero carbon emissions. It also delivered innovation by introducing Solpod to the company’s property portfolio. Solpod is world-first, relocatable solar technology which provides the perfect innovative renewable solution for the commercial property sector.

Watch below to hear Steve Ford, Head of Sustainability at The GPT Group, discuss further his company’s approach to energy management.

Delivering full-service energy solutions

ERM Power is uniquely placed to help Australian businesses on their energy management journey, thanks to our broad market knowledge across both energy supply and demand.

The GPT Group has been a retail customer with ERM Power since 2014, making ERM the perfect partner for developing their energy masterplan.

“We have a strong understanding and a high level of trust through GPT in how they purchase their energy,” said Nick Jones. “Using the insights we have, led us to support them on their net zero carbon emissions journey.”

“We have had access to the insights from ERM’s trading desk,” said Steve Ford. “The access to those people, who are in the market all day long, assist greatly with our buying decisions.”

This full-service approach to energy management allows ERM Power to simplify energy for our customers and assist them in making smarter energy choices using a tailored approach to their business and industry.

About ERM Power’s Energy Solutions

ERM Power is an energy company for businesses. We help Australian businesses to make smart energy decisions with their energy management solutions, targeting an average of 25% energy savings.

With a national footprint and expertise in complex industrials, commercial property, water utilities, agribusiness, national retailers and government, we are the people to help you make the right choices for your business’s energy management plan.

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