Network Tariff Review May Uncover Potential Savings

Power pole of a high tension line

If your organisation is not on the right network tariffs for its energy profile and usage, you could be spending too much on electricity. Our network tariff review may uncover potential savings for your organisation.

Network Tariff Optimisation

Network costs can make up to a third of the overall cost of some customers’ electricity bills and while these costs are passed through to customers, being on the right network tariff for your site will ensure you’re not paying more than you need to for electricity.

To save our customers time navigating complex network charges, we conduct a regular check on their behalf to ensure they are on the best tariff structure for their energy profile and usage.

“We use 12 months of actual usage data for each site, carefully match this against the complex eligibility rules for each tariff and identify if a customer could realise savings from a tariff change” explains Steve Rogers, Executive General Manager, Energy Retail.

“Our dedicated account managers provide a detailed report of the analysis and provide details on the recommended tariff changes to achieve potential savings. Our account management team also manage the application of tariff changes through the distributor on behalf of our customers, so it’s really quite a simple process.

“As a retailer focussed on business energy, we understand how complex the energy market is and how important it is for customers to be minimising energy costs in this current environment. Our network tariff review is offered as a complimentary service to our large customers and allows them to realise savings they may not necessarily have time to look for.

“Our last review identified $3.4M of potential annual network tariff savings for our customers^,” added Rogers.

“In some instances, we’ve identified hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential savings for customers and once they understand that it’s real savings they are very appreciative of the service we offer. Some customers have reinvested the savings found in further energy efficiency solutions, saving them even more money on electricity costs”, says Rogers.

“We’ll be conducting our network tariff review over the next few months for eligible customers, so remember to look out for the report in your inbox. And if your account manager is trying to get in contact with you, it may just be about network tariff savings we’ve found’, says Rogers.

^ Based on ERM Power’s review of almost 15,000 of its Commercial & Industrial (> 160Mwh p.a) customer sites in the period 1 Jan 18 – 30 June 18, 812 sites were identified to have potential savings by changing network tariffs. Estimated potential savings over a 12-month period.  Based on review of historical tariff and consumption. Actual savings are dependant on future tariffs and consumption.