Will your business save in our next Network Tariff Review?


Did you know that network charges (tariffs) can make up about 33% of a large customer’s total energy bill? Tariffs are separate from electricity charges, and the impact of being on the wrong one can be significant.

At ERM Power, we want to help you minimise energy costs. Our twice-yearly Network Tariff Review is one way we can help. The Network Tariff Review is a complimentary service we offer our large customers to check if you are still on the most appropriate tariff structure for your site.

Are you on the right network tariff?

Being on the right network tariff for your site will ensure you’re not paying more than you need to.

Our Network Tariff Review service regularly saves customers thousands on their energy bill – if they accept our recommendation. One customer in 2018 saved $260,000 per annum on electricity costs, just by changing tariffs.

Our last Network Tariff Review in September 2018 identified $10m worth of savings for our customers. This resulted in a $7.7m uptake, which is fantastic, but there was still $2.3 million left on the table. This was by people who either deleted our email advising them of the review or didn’t understand what it was about.

We’re in the process of conducting our next Network Tariff Review which could lead to real savings for your business. If your ERM Power Account Manager attempts to contact you, they may have found a cheaper tariff for you. All you have to do is say ‘Yes’ and we’ll arrange the tariff change through the distributor on your behalf.^

“Customers who have taken up the tariff change and saved as a result have learned to look out for the email from their account manager. We’ll advise you if we’ve found savings, or if our review shows that you are already on the appropriate tariff,” said Steve Rogers, Executive General Manager, Energy Retail (AU).

How a network tariff review works

“We use 12 months of historical actual usage data for each large customer and carefully match this against the complex eligibility rules for each tariff. Then we identify the sites that would benefit from a tariff change,” explains Steve.

“In some instances, we’ve identified hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential savings for customers. Once they understand that it’s real savings we’re talking about, they are very appreciative of the service. Some customers have reinvested their savings into further energy efficiency solutions, saving them even more money on electricity costs,” says Steve.

ERM Power staff looking at network tariff review reports

The one email you do not want to delete

“We email customers with a report of our analysis with recommended tariff changes. All the customer needs to do is agree to switch tariffs when we get in contact with them,” says ERM Power Account Manager, Patrick Brennan.

“We also manage the application of tariff changes on behalf of the customer, so it’s really quite a simple process.”

Just to be clear, ERM Power does not benefit financially from customers changing network tariffs. These are a pass-through charge. The complimentary tariff review is a standard part of our service for large customers – and it’s part of the reason we’re No.1 for customer service.

Call or email your Account Manager if you have any questions. Look out for our Network Tariff Review report in your inbox.


^ Network tariff eligibility requirements apply and changes are at the discretion of the Distributor. ERM Power does not guarantee that the Distributor will accept a request to change the network tariffs.  Our review is based on historical usage data and current tariffs. Your historical usage may not be reflective of your future usage and tariff pricing may change. If a network tariff change is approved by the Distributor, you may be locked into the new tariff for a period of time. Please consider future usage before proceeding with the request to change tariffs.