Large industrial projects need specialised skills

ERM Power adds large-scale industrial project expertise and energy efficiency certificate creation capability to ERM’s existing suite of energy productivity solutions with the acquisition of Out Performers.

Out Performers delivers large and complex commercial and industrial electricity and gas efficiency projects aimed at the 300 largest energy users in Australia. The company’s technical expertise and services in electricity and gas advisory, project delivery and energy performance analytics for industrials complements ERM’s existing Energy Solutions business model and expands the capability to provide more services to our customers.

Their advanced capability to design and deliver complex productivity programs for commercial and industrial customers directly complements the strategic direction of ERM’s energy solutions business.

Out Performers commenced operations in 2009.  It has developed a comprehensive service offering with the objective of assisting its clients improve their energy performance and reducing their energy spend. Out Performers specialises in working with large and complex users of energy across the industrial and commercial sectors.

Importantly the capability and the culture of the Out Performers team closely aligns with ERMs.  The unique combination of these two businesses will make ERM a leading energy solutions provider in Australia that can help any size customer in any sector take control of both their electricity and gas challenges.

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