Top 3 Reasons Businesses Leave their Energy Retailer

business leaves energy retailer

A recent report commissioned by ERM Power has revealed the top three reasons businesses leave their energy retailer.

A survey of over 160 commercial and industrial organisations by PwC has identified the attributes businesses value the most in their energy retailer, and the reasons they switch providers. It found that while price is important, there are other factors that influence customer choice.

1. Better Product Offering

Increasing uncertainty in the energy market means customers are looking for flexible products that give them greater control over their energy costs. Service offerings such as unlimited load flex for contracted sites and customised billing help drive charges down while driving process efficiency up.

2. Recommendation by an Energy Advisor

Your energy advisor is your expert in the energy market. They do the research for you, take the time to get to know your business energy needs, understand what’s available in the market and how to make it work for you. Energy advisors have the experience and expertise to navigate market volatility and help contract at the right time, with the right provider.

3. Better Customer Service

Outside price, customer service is the number one reason customers leave their current energy retailer, with billing performance topping the list of services valued. With 93% of organisations that experience energy-related issues spending up to a day each month investigating and resolving them, reducing the burden of inaccurate and untimely billing means getting back significant time to focus on their core business.

ERM Power’s expert account management, 99.9%* billing accuracy and ability to tailor energy solutions to your business needs are just a few of the reasons we have been voted No. 1 in customer satisfaction for the past 9 years running^. To find out more about how ERM Power’s service can add value to your business’ operational efficiency, download a copy of our report, “Valuing the ERM Power Customer Proposition” or talk to your energy advisor.


* Based on ERM Power analysis.
^ Utility Market Intelligence (UMI) survey of large customers of major electricity retailers by independent research company NTF Group from 2011 – 2019.