What is Demand Response?

Generate additional revenue with ERM Power's Demand Response Program

ERM Power runs a Demand Response program that rewards your organisation for reducing the amount of electricity it takes from the grid during very high usage periods. Your organisation will be on call, and paid to turn off machinery or appliances, or switch to on-site generators for a period of time during these ‘events’.

We’ll tell you when we’d like your organisation to participate, either by SMS or email, and you can decide whether it’s suitable to participate. Alternatively, we can integrate our dispatch systems with your organisation’s onsite control systems and manage the request automatically.

Participation in the Demand Response Program is voluntary. Even with an agreement in place, you have the choice whether to participate in an event, without penalty. Payment, however, is linked to participation.

Participation in our Demand Response Program can help your organisation by:

  • Generating additional revenue from onsite standby generation
  • Receiving income to stop using electricity
  • Capitalising on test obligations – utilise the program to meet test obligations on your organisation’s back-up generators and generate income at the same time

Our Demand Response program is suitable for organisations that:

  • Have the ability to switch to stand-by generation or curtail load with no or minimal disruption to everyday operations
  • Are capable of reliable operation for the duration of the event
  • Have reasonably predictable patterns and load shapes

Demand Response, like other energy efficiency solutions, may be complex, however we make it simple. Here is our approach:

  1. Analyse your organisation’s data through desktop evaluation of energy history
  2. Check demand response capability, response times and the configuration of the generation (where required)
  3. Provide recommendations on any changes or equipment that may be required to facilitate participation
  4. Conduct a physical site assessment (if required)
  5. Supply and install remote control equipment if required
  6. Dispatch communications, operational support and troubleshooting form part of our service
  7. Provide ongoing monitoring (if applicable)

With ERM Power, you can trust you are in good hands.

We have flexible dispatch options available, as well as operational and troubleshooting support. Participation in ERM’s Demand Response program is completely voluntary – you can choose whether to participate in an event without penalty.

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