Business Energy Monitoring

Data is key to providing insights for businesses. Whether its sales data, or productivity data, it all helps. The same goes for your business’ energy data.

We offer a range of energy monitoring tools for business to help them better manage their energy. From data visualisation platforms, apps for alerts and to a one-stop-shop for all your energy consumption data. We’re here to help businesses take control of their energy.


Our online portal gives you instant access to detailed information about your energy consumption.
The user-friendly, easy-to-navigate portal lets you analyse and understand your electricity consumption, greenhouse emissions, billing information and more.
You can even schedule reports from the portal to be delivered to your inbox for when you need them.

Screen shot of ERM Portal Demand Profile
Energy Management Software


Greensense View is our cloud-based solution that enables you to monitor your energy 24/7, in a format that is easy to understand and action.
Greensense View enables businesses to uncover previously hidden opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste.
This software also allows you to amplify the impacts of your energy insights thanks to custom-designed, digital Posterboards.


The ERM Power app prompts you to adjust your organisation’s energy usage when it counts, so you can make simpler, smarter choices about your energy costs.
The demand management function of the app notifies you in advance of high energy demand events so you can act to reduce or avoid costly network demand charges.

Energy Monitoring Apps