ERM Staff Conducting Network Tariff Reviews

Network Tariff Reviews reveal $3.5 million in potential savings for customers

ERM Power has completed the latest round of customer network tariff reviews and Steve Rogers, Executive General Manager Energy Retail, is urging customers to check their inboxes for potential savings.
Network charges (tariffs) make up a significant portion (approximately 33%) of a large customer’s total energy bill. It’s important customers regularly check the tariff structure is right for their business.
Potential savings on the table
“In this round of network tariff reviews, we’ve identified $3.5m worth of savings for our large customers….

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LPG Cutting With Sparks

Foamex Case Study

Foamex is an Australian owned and operated company which has been supplying polystyrene products to commercial and residential customers since 1982.
As a leading polystyrene manufacturer, Foamex’s processes are energy intensive and the company is continually looking for ways to hedge against energy price volatility, strengthen their position in the market and ultimately secure their long-term profitability and survival.
Foamex has invested in energy efficiency projects before and were looking to uncover further innovative, energy productivity options.

In September 2018, Foamex engaged…

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Image of wind turbines in relation to Corporate PPA

ERM Power launches Corporate PPA offering

ERM Power is proud to have launched a new Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) product to enable easier access to renewable energy sources for commercial and industrial customers.
According to David Guiver, ERM’s Executive General Manager Trading, the new product allows commercial and industrial businesses to buy a partial interest in the output of a large renewable power station in order to support their business and environmental energy objectives.
“Working through ERM Power, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a…

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Managing energy spend in a volatile market

With energy market volatility likely to continue, when you agree your contract rates can make a significant difference to your costs.
ERM Power’s STEP Online product is designed to help larger businesses (those using >5000 MWh per year, in at least one State) manage timing risk and their exposure to market volatility.
Instead of agreeing to all prices up front at the time of contracting, STEP Online allows customers to choose prices for parcels as small as 5% on a quarterly…

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ERM Power Quarterly Wholesale Market Update - EGM Daivd Guiver

Quarterly Wholesale Market Update: Find out what’s happening

ERM Power is excited to share our new Quarterly Wholesale Market Update for January-March 2019.
Our Market Update provides a summary of wholesale market activity for the period to help you keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry.
January-March 2019 Wholesale Market Update
This quarter, Executive General Manager Trading, David Guiver talks about what has happened in an eventful summer, the impacts of the Margin Loss Factors on the market and also shares some views on the Large-Scale Generation…

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Image from Earth Hour 2010, Canada

5 Strategies For Tackling Your Business Energy Productivity

Image credit: WWF Earth Hour sparklers in Vancouver by Jeremiah Armstrong.
We are joining hundreds of businesses across Australia to switch off for Earth Hour 2019 for the future of our planet.
On Saturday 30 March 2019 at 8:30pm local time, ERM Power will take part in this global conservation movement to show our commitment to a healthy, sustainable future.
In the lead up to Earth Hour and beyond, businesses are looking for ways to take control of their business energy and…

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ERM Power Women In Tech Scholarship

ERM Power is proud to announce two new scholarships with QUT Science and Engineering Faculty

As part of ERM Power’s continued commitment to improving diversity in our business, we are proudly partnering with the QUT Science and Engineering Faculty to establish two scholarships for Women In Tech at QUT.
General Manager, Solution Delivery Steve Nichols believes ERM Power’s commitment to improving diversity in the business will provide benefits to innovation moving forward.
“The benefits of having a diverse culture where people feel safe to voice their ideas and options are proven,” he said.
“At ERM Power we’ve worked…

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ERM Power staff conducting an energy assessment

Energy assessments identify big savings for big customers

Our Energy Assessments are designed to pinpoint any inefficiencies and source real savings for your business.
ERM Power’s Executive General Manager, Energy Solutions Megan Houghton says many larger customers that ERM have worked with are unaware that these savings are possible.
“We’ve noticed that most businesses are preoccupied with their day-to-day tasks and targets and they don’t necessarily have the internal capabilities or resources to know when an energy management opportunity exists.
“Companies want to save money and remain competitive. What they…

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ERM Power account manager talking to customer

Why we’re still No.1 for customer satisfaction

By Steve Rogers, ERM Power Executive General Manager, Energy Retail (AU)
While we’d much rather talk about you – our customers – than our own achievements, ERM Power has been named No.1 for customer satisfaction for the 8th year in a row. This accolade was again the result of a survey of large commercial and industrial customers conducted by independent research company NTF Group.
We think a lot about what drives customer satisfaction in our business. Experience has shown that it’s…

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Energy Efficiency Funding for Manufacturers - ERM Power

Energy Efficiency Funding for Manufacturers

The NSW Government is offering up over $16m in matched funding to help manufacturing businesses save energy and money.
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage funding is open for manufacturing businesses in NSW, as well as potentially those that undertake manufacturing activities, to boost their energy efficiency.
Manufacturers are energy intensive and some of the largest users of energy in the country, so this comes as a valuable opportunity for businesses to upgrade to energy efficient equipment, improve energy metering…

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Record electricity prices driven by extreme weather

Record electricity prices driven by extreme weather, generator outages and aggressive patterns of generator bidding behaviour, outlines ERM Power EGM Trading David Guiver.
Forward contract prices escalating: high pool prices, as a result of recent events, have led to higher contract prices for commercial and industrial customers. Unpredictable market behaviour highlights the importance of good energy management strategies for large power consumers in a volatile energy market and policy environment.
Much has been written about the extreme pool price volatility that…

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The 3 key factors influencing higher energy prices

David Guiver, ERM Power’s Executive General Manager of Trading, explains that several key factors are likely to be influencing market increases and general energy price volatility. These are:
1. Predictions of a hot, dry summer ahead
Future weather forecasts can significantly influence energy markets because suppliers look at these predictions closely when hedging energy purchases on the futures market and setting prices.
When the forecast says we’re in for a hot, dry summer, this indicates that businesses and households will use more…

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Large industrial projects need specialised skills

ERM Power adds large-scale industrial project expertise and energy efficiency certificate creation capability to ERM’s existing suite of energy productivity solutions with the acquisition of Out Performers.
Out Performers delivers large and complex commercial and industrial electricity and gas efficiency projects aimed at the 300 largest energy users in Australia. The company’s technical expertise and services in electricity and gas advisory, project delivery and energy performance analytics for industrials complements ERM’s existing Energy Solutions business model and expands the capability…

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Prime time for helping smooth the flow

ERM Power CEO Jon Stretch makes no attempt to hide his frustration with the latest failed attempt to get a national energy policy up and running, even though it means plenty of opportunity for his business to grow.
“It’s just beyond belief that at five minutes to midnight, when there has been an incredible amount of consultation with industry, with industry groups, with consumers, with competition groups et cetera, that we just saw politics of the worst kind make the…

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Where to Start with Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is rapidly climbing up the corporate agenda but many organisations get caught out thinking just one product is the right solution. Watch Megan Houghton, Executive General Manager, Energy Solutions at ERM Power explain the best evidence-based way to take control of your energy management.
If you would like to talk to an expert, click here.


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