LIsarow High School

Lisarow High School – NSW Schools Energy Productivity Program

The NSW Schools Energy Productivity Program (SEPP) is an initiative developed by the NSW public school sector.
The program was designed to:

demonstrate the benefits of energy productivity improvements and renewables
accelerate the adoption of renewable energy for NSW public schools
provide an engagement and implementation strategy for the NSW public schools sector to implement renewable energy and energy productivity over a 5-to-10-year period.

ERM Power was engaged by Schools Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) in the $1M pilot program which was co-funded by the ARENA…

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LPG Cutting With Sparks

Foamex Case Study

Foamex is an Australian owned and operated company which has been supplying polystyrene products to commercial and residential customers since 1982.
As a leading polystyrene manufacturer, Foamex’s processes are energy intensive and the company is continually looking for ways to hedge against energy price volatility, strengthen their position in the market and ultimately secure their long-term profitability and survival.
Foamex has invested in energy efficiency projects before and were looking to uncover further innovative, energy productivity options.

In September 2018, Foamex engaged…

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RERT – The Challenges of Maintaining Supply in Extreme Weather

RERT operates outside of the National Electricity Market (NEM) and involves contracting large energy users to either use less energy or generate power from their own generators when called upon by AEMO.

Basically, big industrial users like aluminium smelters, steelworks and paper mills are compensated for ‘switching off’ to provide emergency relief if the power network is threatened.
Summer is traditionally the time of year the power network is most stretched. It’s not just high demand, but extreme temperatures and climatic…

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Lessons in Energy Efficiency Bring Immediate Savings

At a time when power costs are soaring in most schools, a Queensland high school has bucked the trend reducing its electricity cost per student by over 13% when this cost was growing on average by 18% in other schools..
Concerned by the rate electricity consumption and demand was climbing in schools and the upward pressure this was putting on operating budgets, the Queensland Department of Education and Training engaged with the Energy Solutions team at ERM Power to see…

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