Energy Services

Large industrial projects need specialised skills

ERM Power adds large-scale industrial project expertise and energy efficiency certificate creation capability to ERM’s existing suite of energy productivity solutions with the acquisition of Out Performers.
Out Performers delivers large and complex commercial and industrial electricity and gas efficiency projects aimed at the 300 largest energy users in Australia. The company’s technical expertise and services in electricity and gas advisory, project delivery and energy performance analytics for industrials complements ERM’s existing Energy Solutions business model and expands the capability…

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Prime time for helping smooth the flow

ERM Power CEO Jon Stretch makes no attempt to hide his frustration with the latest failed attempt to get a national energy policy up and running, even though it means plenty of opportunity for his business to grow.
“It’s just beyond belief that at five minutes to midnight, when there has been an incredible amount of consultation with industry, with industry groups, with consumers, with competition groups et cetera, that we just saw politics of the worst kind make the…

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Energy Management Software

Through our web-based energy and emissions software, we are already helping some of Australia’s largest organisations uncover, and act on, opportunities to reduce their energy, water and waste.
Energy Management & Reporting
Our reporting suite, Greensense View® works by firstly connecting all your data across your facilities – from your energy and water utilities, meter data agents, building management systems and sub metering networks.
Showcase your Sustainability Investment
With our customer data dashboards and real-time view, you can:

instantly act on issues and opportunities

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