NSW Schools Energy Productivity Program

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The NSW Schools Energy Productivity Program (SEPP) is an initiative developed by the NSW public school sector.

The program aims to:

accelerate the adoption of renewable energy for NSW public schools, and

demonstrate the benefits of energy productivity improvements and renewables

provide an engagement and implementation strategy for the NSW public schools sector to implement renewable energy and energy productivity over a 5 to 10-year period.

ERM Power was engaged by Schools Infrastructure NSW (SINSW) in the $1M program which was co-funded by ARENA Advancing Renewables Program.

SEPP involved a tailored engagement program which was delivered through two coaching sessions, a six-part education program as well as an info hub that focused on new energy behaviours that were easy to action.

The digital tools used throughout the project such as the Posterboards, ERM Power app, email program and energy reports were designed for the busy school environment.

SEPP, coupled with ERM’s digital tools, delivered a 200% increase in energy literacy.

ERM Power has taken a step towards accelerating investment in solar and energy productivity in the schools’ sector. The SEPP pilot has successfully led to numerous major energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

ERM Power has experience as an energy provider to over 3000 schools across Australia. This unique understanding of the education sector allowed ERM to make the program an easy, enjoyable experience for both the schools and SINSW.

“Education, particularly public education, can play a crucial role in engaging with the challenges of climate change and sustainability generally. Young people getting engaged is part of the answer.”

Mr Andrew FitzSimonsPrincipal - Dapto High School

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Schools Energy Productivity Program

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