Energy Management

Energy Management is our business. We analyse the way organisations use energy, when it is used and how much is consumed, and use this data to develop holistic, customised solutions.

We understand the key challenges facing business. We possess unparalleled insights into the entire energy environment including a comprehensive understanding of what is happening now, as well as where the market is going. We are focused on helping organisations navigate the complex energy landscape and drive greater energy productivity aligned with your business objectives.


Energy Management starts with analysing your energy data to come up with the right solution for your organisation. We use our expertise to maximise your return on energy investment and optimise your operations.

Every organisation is different, which is why we only present you with customised solutions and support tools to help achieve your goals. It’s up to you which recommendations you choose to implement. this empowers you with the confidence of knowing you’re doing the right thing for your organisation.


The business benefit of proactive and quality energy management is that is can solve energy problems and provide benefit from initiatives with support tools designed to:

  • Cut costs
  • Reduce consumption
  • Make budgeting easy
  • Secure supply
  • Improve sustainability
  • Generate revenue from assets

Our process

Our holistic approach is designed to benefit your business on every level – in the long term and the short term. We simplify business energy for business and government with our signature Advise, Deliver, Track (ADT) process.

This way of collaborating means we help you implement our recommendations. ADT is flexible – we can manage the entire process from start to finish or just part of it. If you have preferred suppliers, we can work with them to implement projects. We also give you tools to track and manage your energy usage going forward.