Business Energy Management

Energy management has become an important strategic issue for today’s successful Commercial & Industrial businesses. Price volatility, regulatory uncertainty and new technologies are contributing to an unprecedented pace of change.

At its most basic, energy management can be about cost and compliance, but operational performance, productivity, Corporate Social Responsibility, brand value and talent acquisition are fast becoming key motivators in business energy productivity.

Energy efficiency is a mission-critical consideration for Australian businesses, now more than ever. Luckily, ERM Power is here to help.

The Energy Productivity Experts

ERM Power has been powering Australia for over 30 years and possess unparalleled insights into the entire energy environment. This means we understand the key energy efficiency challenges facing Australian business and have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening now, as well as where the market is going.

We can help your business navigate the complex energy landscape and drive greater energy efficiency aligned with your business objectives.

Our process

We simplify business energy for business and government with our signature Advise, Deliver, Track (ADT) process. The ADT model is a holistic approach, especially designed to benefit your business on every level – in the long-term and the short-term.

This unique way of collaborating means we help you implement our recommendations. We work with you to turn strategy into reality. ADT is flexible – we can manage the entire process from start to finish or just part of it. If you have preferred suppliers, we can work with them to implement projects. We also give you energy management tools to track and manage your energy usage going forward.

Our Energy Services

Our holistic business Energy Management services empower your organisation to cut power bills and promote sustainability and energy efficiency.

Energy Advice

To get the best return from your energy improvements, it’s important to have the right data and invest in the right projects. ERM Power’s strategic and technical advisory experts can help your business develop the commercial, operational and financial processes and structures needed to drive successful business outcomes through increased energy efficiency.

Make confident decisions and minimise risk with our data-driven energy advisory services.

Energy Solutions

A sound energy strategy is great. Real outcomes are even better. That’s why ERM Power offers more than just business energy consulting. We can deliver energy solutions from start to finish, offering customers project management, supplier management and product selection.

Our experts can simplify complex energy management projects, liaising with suppliers and leading the procurement process to ensure the quality and delivery of project.

Energy Tracking

Installing permanent metering and energy monitoring at a site is the best way to consistently manage energy performance. By regularly reviewing and acting on the data this produces, annualenergy  savings of 5-15% can be achieved for large and complex users.

Through our innovative energy software options, we are helping Australian businesses to uncover, and act on opportunities to reduce their energy, water and waste.

Energy Grants, Rebates & Certificates

A range of Australian Federal and State government grants and certificate schemes are available to assist businesses with the cost of energy efficiency projects.

ERM Power works with large commercial and industrial customers to identify available grants and certificates that may be available for energy productivity projects and helps companies deliver these projects.

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