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Demand Response Program

ERM Power runs a Demand Response program that rewards your business for reducing the amount of electricity it takes from the grid during very high usage periods. Your business will be on call, and paid to turn off machinery or appliances, or to start on-site generators for a period of time during these ‘events’. 

During an event, we’ll contact you when we’d like your business to participate and you can decide whether it’s suitable for your business to participate at that time. Alternatively, you can choose to have our dispatch system integrate with your businesses’ onsite control systems and we can manage the demand response request automatically.

Participation in the program is voluntary. Even with an agreement in place, you have the choice whether to participate in an event, without penalty.

We've paid our business energy customers more than $6 million

Over the last 7 years, we’ve paid our Demand Response customers more than $6 million. Participating in a Demand Response program allows you to generate additional revenue by making simple, short-term energy reductions.

What's the difference between Demand Response vs Demand Management?

Demand Response

The term Demand Response (DR) refers to energy users reducing their energy demand based on triggers from the grid or price signals.

The value of DR coincides with how quickly you are able to reduce your load when requested.

These are referred to as ‘demand response events’ and are advised by your energy provider. A trigger from the grid may occur when there is not enough supply to meet demand, or if the price of energy increases considerably.

There are two ways businesses can respond to events:

  1. By making simple, temporary changes to electricity usage through managing use of equipment like chillers, boilers or pumps.
  2. By switching energy usage from the grid to alternative power sources on site. This could be through back-up generators or battery storage.

Participating in an energy response program allows you to generate additional revenue by making simple, short-term energy reductions, as advised by your energy provider.

Participating in a Demand Response program allows you to generate additional revenue by making simple, short-term energy reductions, as advised by your energy provider.

Demand Management

Demand Management refers to energy users taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency programs across multiple aspects of their organisation. Also known as demand-side management, demand management uses a variety of methods to reduce electricity consumption and demand charge costs. Demand Response is one of the methods of demand management that can be implemented within a broader demand management program.

Demand management initiatives can include load curtailment,  use of local (onsite) generation and implementation of energy efficiency projects, including asset, building automation and equipment upgrades.

Demand management is a constantly evolving discipline as new technologies and advanced automation equipment enters the market.

If you would like to understand the Demand Management opportunities for your business, always engage with a trusted energy advisor.

Who is eligible to participate in ERM Power's Demand Response program?

Businesses who have the ability to switch on stand-by generation or curtail load with no or minimal disruption to everyday operations
Businesses who are capable of reliable operation for the duration of the event
You currently need to be an ERM Power retail electricity customer to participate in our energy program, however, if you are coming to the end of your electricity contract, or looking at changing providers, please get in touch to discuss your options.

I want to participate, what is the ERM process?

Firstly, we analyse your organisation’s data through desktop evaluation of your energy history
We check capability, response times and the configuration of the generation (where required)
We provide recommendations on any changes or equipment that may be required to facilitate participation
We may conduct a physical site assessment and supply and install remote control equipment (if required)
We establish a demand response agreement with you
We perform capacity testing to confirm the available demand response capacity at your site

Want to learn more about our Demand Response program?

Get in touch today and one of ERM Power’s energy experts will contact you to discuss if demand response is suitable for your business. Complete the form below or call us on 03 9214 9395.

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