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Energy Tracking & Monitoring

Delivered by engineers and backed by powerful software, our Energy Management Centre service will help you deliver on your energy goals.

When it comes to making long-term savings in energy costs, the key is being able to measure and analyse what your business is currently using and taking informed action to make the most of every mega-joule. In large and complex industrial environments, this is no small task.

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Energy monitoring for complex industrial sites

Developed specifically for industrial clients, ERM Power’s Energy Management Centre (EMC) is a data-driven engineering service that takes metering and monitoring to the next level.

EMC utilises a data-receiving platform that takes inputs from your site’s processes and gives you near real-time access to the data.  This enables you to not only see how your site’s performing but manage it in conjunction with our bureau service; where our engineers regularly review your performance, identify issues and opportunities and report back to your team.

It’s the easiest way to act swiftly, achieve substantial business energy savings and optimise your site’s performance.

EMC can offer a broad range of powerful benefits, including:

Up-to-date electricity consumption, cost and greenhouse gas emissions tracking

Advanced data charting and interrogation

Access to energy and water consumption data between-invoices

Early detection of equipment failure through trend monitoring

Timely notification of key site issues via automated monitoring with email push alerts

Assessment of total ROI by tracking cumulative cost savings of projects over time

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Enjoy customised control

Access business-critical metrics at any time with your fully customised EMC dashboard. As top line or granular as you need, EMC’s advanced analytics, interrogation and charting take the guesswork out of consumption, cost, and KPIs.

With EMC, your site is regularly and proactively analysed by our energy efficiency engineering team. We work with you to quickly identify equipment malfunctions, savings erosion, short term faults, counter-productive equipment demands or operational conditions, as well as identifying new opportunities for energy savings projects. By providing ongoing analysis, the EMC works as a virtual back-office to support our clients’ engineering and management teams.

Why EMC?

With EMC, you unlock a host of benefits for your business.


Baseline establishment

If you don’t know where you’re starting from, you can’t make meaningful decisions. EMC ensures you understand your business energy use normalised to production output as well as tracking key processes.


Troubleshooting & business case development

By providing energy profiling you can trouble-shoot current energy consumers, design optimal new solutions, and develop accurate business cases for approval.

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Manage energy price risk

Energy cost increases eat into your profits and directly impact your bottom line. Understanding energy trends and monitoring performance against budgets is key to responsible business management.



Get clear and granular information about where your energy is going. Don’t just treat it as a fixed cost of business.

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Return on investment

Get what you paid for and achieve long term ROI. By verifying immediate project outcomes and continually tracking energy metrics, you ensure your projects continue to deliver their expected outcomes.

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Cost reduction

The EMC allows businesses to allow to monitor their energy usage at a sub-metering level. This detailed information helps identify energy saving options and reduce costs.

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