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Business Energy Solutions

A sound energy strategy is great. Real outcomes are even better. That’s why ERM Power offers more than just energy consulting.

Eliminate the hassle of delivering projects by engaging us to source products, liaise with suppliers and manage project delivery. We can lead the procurement process and work with quality suppliers to deliver high-performing energy products to best suit your business. Our energy solutions include solar PV, Power Factor Correction (PFC) and lighting upgrades.

Plant & Equipment Optimisation

Our specialist energy engineers identify, qualify and specify business energy efficiency projects for a wide range of plant and equipment needs:

  • Compressed air
  • Gas burners and controls
  • Steam systems and boilers
  • Renewable energy and co/tri-generation
  • Heat pumps
  • Lighting
  • Refrigeration
  • Motors, fans and VSDs
  • HVAC and chiller upgrades or replacements
  • Data centres
  • Water and wastewater
  • Power factor correction
plant and equipment optimisation
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Turnkey Project Delivery

Many business’ energy savings projects implemented at large industrial sites fail to meet their financial objectives or maximise their potential energy savings because the savings delivered are unable to be verified.

Our solutions include best-practice energy monitoring and verification to ensure the energy savings realised from your project are properly assessed. We also offer a range of flexible project delivery models.

Partner With The Best

By partnering with ERM Power, your project is designed and implemented by a team of Australia’s best energy efficiency engineers, based on sound business cases and measured data, backed by post-project verification and ongoing technical support.

ERM Power can also unlock substantial gas improvement opportunities that now exist for industrial and commercial operators. Thanks to our expanded capabilities in the gas space we can identify and specify optimisations to the overall efficiency of boilers, burners, furnaces and ovens.

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Choosing the right solar for your business

With significant experience in commercial solar design and delivery, talk to us about the benefits of solar for your business.

Demand Response

ERM Power runs a Demand Response Program that rewards customers for reducing the amount of energy taken from the grid during very high usage periods. Demand Response is an opportunity for businesses to generate additional revenue from onsite standby generation or receive income for reducing energy consumption.

Free Gas Efficiency Guide

Want to cut your site’s gas consumption by up to 25%? 

To discover more about the gas efficiency opportunities available to manufacturers, download the Australian Manufacturing Gas Efficiency Guide now. 

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*Based on ERM analysis of customer projects conducted for the measurement and verification of energy savings