Energy Management


Business Energy Tracking & Monitoring

Real-time energy monitoring can deliver real results. Installing permanent smart metering and monitoring at a site is the best way to consistently manage and optimise energy performance.

Large and complex business energy users can achieve savings by regularly reviewing and acting on real-time monitoring data.

Through our innovative energy software options, we are helping Australian businesses to uncover, and act on, opportunities to reduce their electricity, water and gas usage.

Energy Management Centre (EMC)

ERM Power’s Energy Management Centre (EMC) takes metering and monitoring to the next level.

Ideal for large and complex business energy users, EMC is a data-driven engineering service which tracks consumption together with operational parameters including production volumes and process sensors in a central platform to identify issues and opportunities to improve energy efficiency. The EMC approach to energy monitoring is ideally suited to managing energy across complex industrial sites.

energy management
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Greensense View

Greensense View is our cloud-based solution that enables you to monitor your energy 24/7, in a format that is easy to understand and action. Greensense View enables businesses to uncover previously hidden opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste.

This software also allows you to amplify the impacts of your energy insights thanks to custom-designed, digital Posterboards.

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