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ERM Power App - a platform for managing demand.

The ERM Power app prompts you to adjust your organisation's energy usage when it counts, so you can make simpler, smarter choices about your energy costs.

Using The ERM Power App

Manage your consumption to avoid costly demand charges

The demand management function of the app notifies you in advance of high energy demand events so you can act to reduce or avoid costly network demand charges.
By using near real time energy usage data, predicative modelling based on weather information and historical usage patterns for your metering points, the app is able to forecast high demand events and provide you with information that could save you avoidable demand charges.
Based on your network tariff, we will work with you to define demand alert rules for your site. Depending on your tariff type, the app will estimate the cost avoided from taking action to reduce energy consumption or the estimated costs incurred from reaching a critical threshold.

The ERM Power App is a platform that helps you to:

See your organisation's energy data in near real-time

Understand when the demand on energy is greatest

Adjust behaviours to keep energy usage below the peak demand threshold

See how much you can save by adjusting energy consumption behaviours

Why is it important to manage demand charges?

Network demand charges can make up a significant proportion of your organisations’ electricity bill – for some customers they can account for up to 40%. Demand charges are set by the electricity network operator and are based on the maximum energy your organisation uses at a specific time (demand), rather than the total amount of electricity used over the entire month.

If your organisation’s network tariff includes demand charges, these will be calculated on the organisation’s highest demand during any 30-minute interval throughout the billing period. Regardless of when or how often this is reached, even if only for a single interval, the network operator’s charge will be based on this ‘peak demand’ for the full billing period. Depending on the tariff, this can be up to a whole year, which can have a huge impact on your electricity costs so it’s important to closely monitor demand to avoid the associated bill shock.

The demand management function of the ERM Power app uses cutting-edge analytics that evaluate the structure of your organisation’s network tariff to determine the critical thresholds that drive network demand charges during a billing cycle. A customised prediction model for your organisation is created based on localised weather temperature patterns and your organisation’s past electricity usage.

With this data the app projects your organisation’s demand in four-hour cycles, alerting you if it predicts a spike in demand. This alert gives your organisation the time needed to take action that could avoid high demand charges. The app even allows you to monitor which changes best reduce demand. In each instance it analyses and notifies you of the estimated cost of either exceeding or avoiding the energy demand threshold based on your demand trajectory.

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