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You can only manage what you measure.

To make the right energy choices, you need easy and timely access to your energy data.

Providing a real-time, in-depth view of resource consumption, Greensense View software enables organisations to uncover previously-hidden opportunities to reduce energy, water and waste.

Greensense View is part of ERM Power’s holistic approach to energy management and ultimately allows you to plan more effectively around what is and isn’t working for your business by:

1. Helping you take control of your energy.
2. Getting the right data insights.
3. Simplifying access to all your energy and sustainability data.

Using The ERM Power App

Take control of your energy

Greensense View is a cloud-based solution that enables you to monitor your energy 24/7, in a format that is easy to understand.

Greensense View works by firstly connecting all your data across your facilities – from your energy and water utilities, meter data agents, building management systems and sub metering networks. Your data is then translated into customisable dashboards with near real-time information.

You can view the peaks and troughs of your facility’s energy use – comparing performance across days, weeks, months or years to spot opportunities and save money.

Getting the right data insights

Our simple visualisation and reporting tools can help your business to easily uncover opportunities to reduce your energy or water usage.

Greensense View provides access to a complete historical record of the raw and calculated data required for environmental reporting including energy, water, waste, and emissions. Reporting has been designed to provide practical data such as heat maps, portfolio comparisons, trend tracking, and NABERS/NGER at the click of a button.

Greensense View can also provide inbuilt alerts to help you take immediate action to address an issue or take advantage of an opportunity as soon as it occurs,

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Showcase your sustainability

Powered by your Greensense View data, Posterboards™ are custom-designed, animated displays for large screens in public areas. They’re the perfect way to:

– Make a big impact with sustainability messages
– Engage facility occupants and stakeholders
– Showcase green performance

Posterboards are provide building occupants and relevant stakeholders with the added benefit of visualising and experiencing the impact of their behaviour. Greensense View can help your business to educate stakeholders by providing feedback that is interesting, actionable and sparks enthusiasm.

Greensense View dashboard can be displayed on monitor screens, mobile screens and embedded in your intranet or as an interactive kiosk

Join the success

Our services and solutions have produced improvements in energy and water efficiency of up to 20% for our customers, often without any additional capital investment required. We have also successfully helped customers save time and money in their energy management initiatives, not only delivering an impact to the bottom line, but also improving their environmental footprint.

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