ERM's Approach

Boosting Energy Productivity translates to lower costs, less effort and greater profitability. It all starts with our signature Advise, Deliver, Track (ADT) approach.

Businesses get more out of partnering with us because we look at more than just energy efficiency – we look at ‘Energy Productivity’. This smarter way of managing business energy focuses on doing more in your organisation while using less or the same amount of power. It’s about maximising return on energy investment and minimising waste.

ADT - Advise, Deliver, Track
Advise, Deliver, Track

We get to know your organisation through data collection and expert analysis. This helps us identify lucrative opportunities and industry trends you may benefit from. Then we develop solutions we know will work for you from a technical and commercial perspective and quantify the outcomes with a high degree of accuracy.

This step involves:

Data science and analytics

Site visits and assessments

Analyse, calculate, report

Energy strategy and insights

Business case development and feasibility studies

Integrated solution recommendations and plans

After advising business on the best energy solution, we help make this a reality by providing project management and procurement services. We remove the burden of implementing the energy solution by sourcing and We can handle the implementation process to turn your energy strategy into tangible results. From sourcing products to liaising with contractors (or your preferred suppliers) to identifying possible public funding opportunities and providing on-bill finance options for existing retail electricity customers, we take care of everything so you can start benefiting sooner.

This step involves:

Project management and quality control

Sourcing multiple products fro our pre-qualified partners to assure quality

Finance & funding options

Ongoing monitoring and management is essential to maximise your ROI. We make it easy with support tools that track and assist you to optimise energy usage, including dashboards with near real time data and alerts that help you take control and avoid high cost energy events.

This step involves:

Measurement & verification services

Savings and performance reporting and dashboards

Peak demand alerts through mobile apps

Demand management checklists