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Solar Design & Delivery

ERM Power delivers high quality and competitively priced solar solutions, designed to meet your business and renewable energy needs.

At ERM Power, we ensure your solar solution is designed with your business in mind, to meet your needs today and your goals of tomorrow.

Solar energy can reduce your costs and CO2 emissions and help you meet your renewable energy ambitions. It’s an investment that will deliver results for years to come. That’s why it’s important to go with a provider that offers quality and value.

Why choose solar?

Reduce energy and operational costs
Reduce CO2 emissions
Meet renewable energy targets
Access clean energy
Achieve a more secure energy supply
Access government incentives
Benefit from a short-to-medium term payback period
Realise high reliability and low maintenance
Add commercial value to your property

Choosing the right solar solution for you

Solar solutions

Understanding your energy and business needs is critical when choosing the right solar solution for your business.

Your choice of solar will be influenced by things like your physical space, your sustainability goals and your energy consumption.

At ERM Power, we take the time to understand your renewable energy goals and what drives your business, and we recommend the right solar solution to meet your specific needs.

And you can trust that the solar systems provided are market-best quality at competitive prices, as we only deal with a network of top-tier suppliers and installers. This is because we’re committed to the longevity and performance of your solar solution.

Finance your solar

Don’t let barriers to funding delay your solar plans. We have a variety of funding solutions available and our energy experts can advise you on the right mix of solutions to help you get your next renewables project underway sooner.

Our on-bill financing option1, provided in association with Macquarie Bank, provides an easy and convenient way to finance energy efficiency upgrades with no upfront capital requirements. We work together with Macquarie to make the asset purchase and financing seamless, simplifying budgeting and billing administration by incorporating fixed repayments into electricity bills through the life of the agreement.

Learn about on-bill financing and environmental certificates and get in touch with one of our energy experts today to find out how funding could work for your solar project.

Offset the costs of your solar project

Your decision to invest in a new solar project could be made easier with environmental certificates. These certificates, issued under government schemes, reward energy savings or emissions reductions that result from an energy project.

Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) and Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), as certificate schemes that are specific to the installation of renewable energy systems.

Solar systems – large or small – may be eligible to create these environmental certificates to recover some of the cost of your project and help meet your emissions reduction targets.

Find out how ERM Power can assist you to understand the environmental certificate schemes and the options available for your business.

Hassle-free clean energy with a solar PPA

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with ERM Power can help you access clean energy with no upfront capital cost.

Under a PPA, we design and install your solar system, using available, right-for-solar space on your site, letting you generate renewable energy to help power your business. You won’t have any maintenance or ownership responsibilities, because we take care of it all for you.

As your retailer, we then supply your energy at an agreed fixed solar energy price, which helps you save on your costs. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about rainy days. We build in allowances so you can access the electricity network when you need to. Talk to ERM Power to find out how a solar PPA could work for your business.

Understanding your solar consumption

Energy transparency leads to better energy management. ERM Power offers advanced solar monitoring and tracking, and verification capability. Our solar tracking solution gives you access to a web-based portal with quality solar data, along with system performance metrics and ROI tracking in a simple, yet powerful, interface.

Benefits of our EMC solution:

View and download your solar and main meter electricity data
Visualise energy flows from solar, to and from the grid
Monitor solar energy generation against weather adjusted model targets
Track return on investment achieved as well as total emissions reductions and value generated

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1 On-bill financing is only available while you remain an ERM Power Retail energy customer. If you are no longer an ERM Power Retail energy customer, you must make arrangements to pay the credit provider directly. Under the on-bill financing option, ERM Power Retail Pty Ltd will be the service provider and Macquarie Equipment Rentals Pty Limited ABN 44 112 079 268 will be the credit provider. Parties should obtain their own legal, financial and tax advice before entering into any financial transaction. All applications to Macquarie Equipment Rentals are subject to lending approval criteria, and terms and conditions apply.