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Solpod: Revolutionising Solar Power Technology

ERM Power is changing the way Australian businesses can access solar energy through new technology, Solpod. Solpod is an innovation set to revolutionise commercial solar in Australia.

It’s the first time that rooftop solar is prefabricated, which increases the quality control and drastically reduces time on site. Importantly the pods do not penetrate the roof, are mobile and can be easily redeployed if a business moves or a property is sold.

What makes Solpod unique?

  • The solar panels are pre-fabricated offsite and installed in a matter of days, not weeks.
  • The solar panels do not penetrate the roof so can be used by both property owners and tenants.
  • The solar panels can be removed and redeployed, as required.

solpod array on rooftop
ERM Power Solpod

The smart way to contract solar for your business.

Solpod enables lease and power purchase agreement options to be offered to minimise the investment customers have to make to obtain the benefits of solar power.

For customers that aren’t able to commit to more permanent solar installations, Solpod and ERM Power’s Solar Power Purchase Agreement provides a flexible, low cost way to access the benefits of solar power over a negotiated contract term.

Want to find out if the Solpod solution will work for your business?

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