Small Business Basic Plan Information, Energy Fact Sheets and Terms & Conditions

Queensland, NSW, ACT, Victoria, SA and Tasmania

Note for small businesses on flat tariffs* in Queensland, NSW and SA:

From the 1st of July 2019, standing offer prices for flat tariff small business customers have been varied due to the introduction of the Competition and Consumer (Industry Code—Electricity Retail) Regulations 2019. We have also varied our single site market contract prices. The non-price terms of the Standard Retail Contract have not changed. All flat tariffs that are varying will be equal to the Reference Price.

* A tariff that includes a fixed daily supply charge, and a variable charge reflecting the volume (in kWh) of electricity consumed.

Information about your current rates and charges is available by contacting us on 13 23 76 or via email at

Note for small businesses on Standard Retail Contracts in Victoria:

The Standing Offer rates have been varied from 1 July 2019 and can be viewed below.

From 1 July 2019, if you are on a flat tariff standing offer for your electricity, you will be rolled over to the Victorian Default Offer. This is a regulated price. Information on the Victorian Default Offer Rates (for standard retail contract customers) are accessible below from our Energy Fact Sheets. From 1 January 2020, the Victorian Default Offer will replace all standing offers for Standard Retail Contract customers.

Further, our Standard Retail Contract Terms & Conditions applicable to Victorian customers have changed effective 1 July 2019. The change pertains to clause 8.6 GST:
Omit clause 8.6 and replace with:

8.6 GST

Amounts specified in the standing offer prices from time to time and other amounts payable under this contract are inclusive of GST.

Small Business Basic Plan Information & Energy Fact Sheets

Basic Plan Information and Energy Fact Sheet rates are effective 1 July 2019.

Our Standard Retail Contract and prices are available in limited circumstances in Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria.

Electricity pricing depends on the distribution area you are located in. For all states other than Victoria, plans are presented as links to an information sheet referred to as Basic Plan Information Documents on the Energy Made Easy website that contains all the key data about a plan. For Victoria, a link to an Energy Fact Sheet will be provided.

Enter your postcode below to find the links to the relevant Basic Plan Information Documents or relevant Energy Fact Sheets (for Victorian Customers).

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ERM Power Default Rates

Commercial & Industrial Default Rates

Default energy and environmental rates that apply to commercial and industrial customers holding over upon expiry of a fixed term contract.

Information about your current rates and charges is available by contacting us on 13 23 76.