Australian Manufacturing’s multi-billion dollar energy saving opportunity1.

The manufacturing sector is the third largest consumer of energy, accounting for almost 18% of Australia’s total energy consumption2.

We typically see energy costs representing the third highest operational expenditure item for manufacturing after the cost of raw materials and staff.

Yet recent research has shown that many manufacturers do not have a formal energy management plan in place.

Read more about how your organisation can start producing the goods on energy productivity.

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ERM helped Teys Australia, the leading provider of red meat and supply chain solutions in Australia, find a tailored energy management solution for their Condamine feedlot.

ERM Power is committed to providing Australian manufacturing with the best energy management advice and solutions.

We recently acquired Out Performers to continue to build our expertise in the manufacturing sector. Out Performers’ technical expertise and services in electricity and gas advisory, project delivery and energy performance analytics for industrials complements ERM’s existing Energy Solutions business.

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1 ERM analysis based on estimated sector spend of $14b, electricity savings of 25% based on audits conducted since June 2017, over a range of customer with an annual energy spend of $25,000 to $3 million; and gas efficiency savings of 13% estimated in Solving the gas crisis, ClimateWorks, November 2017

2 Australian Energy Update, Commonwealth of Australia, 2018