ERM Power and FG Advisory partner to provide complex energy management solutions

ERM Power and FG Advisory are pleased to announce a partnership that will see them collaborating to provide energy management solutions to New South Wales Government departments and agencies.

The ERM Power/FG Advisory partnership has been selected as a pre-qualified energy service provider to the Energy Performance Contracting Panel, managed by the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage on behalf of the NSW Government.

Panel members are selected every four years and are pre-qualified to provide energy services at existing government buildings.

The selection to the panel builds on ERM Power’s strong relationships and presence in the public sector and demonstrated expertise in delivering solutions to improve energy productivity.

FG Advisory brings deep technical competency and extensive panel experience, through the provision of similar services in both Victoria and South Australia.

ERM Power Executive General Manager Energy Solutions Megan Houghton said the collaboration positioned ERM Power and FG Advisory to deliver comprehensive, market-leading solutions for NSW Government departments and agencies.

“We’re delighted to have achieved pre-qualification status after a thorough review of our capabilities, systems and processes by government experts. This comprehensive process further illustrates our ability to deliver a robust and validated solution not only to Government, but also to large commercial and industrial customers throughout Australia.”

Ms Houghton said it was encouraging to see Government putting an emphasis on energy management that would create long-term, sustainable outcomes.

“ERM has a proven track record in working with the public sector and is increasingly providing advisory services and solutions to improve energy productivity within government,” she said.

“Energy management solutions can help government agencies and departments make the most of their energy, reduce unnecessary consumption and cost, promote renewables and leverage greater value from expensive assets such as on-site generation.”

ERM Power’s growing energy solutions business leverages data analytics and ERM Power’s unique supply and demand perspective to provide integrated and tailored solutions for organisations with heavy energy usage, and project management and digital solutions to implement and track performance.

ERM Power provides solutions for large, multi-site projects and has particularly expertise in the education sector. It is also focussed on increasing awareness of energy usage and changing behaviours, to create long-term impact.

Ms Houghton said ERM Power was pleased to partner with FG Advisory given its extensive panel experience, high degree of technical competence and specialisation in complex projects.
FG Advisory specialises in advisory, engineering design and construction management consultancy to help clients address energy and infrastructure challenges.

FG Advisory Associate Director, Luke Zha, said that the NSW Energy and Resource Efficiency Programs presented an attractive and low risk pathway to modernise public infrastructure.

“Public sector building managers have endured increasing operational pressures from rising energy costs and aging infrastructure. FG Advisory brings a client focused approach that is completely vendor agnostic, with a strong record in delivering projects ahead of time to assured energy performance outcomes.

“Our team believe in providing clarity and transparency throughout the process, led by top industry professionals across engineering design, contracting and project management in a complex building services context.”

“Together with ERM Power, we look forward to partnering with NSW departments and agencies on this energy transformation journey.”

For more information on the NSW government’s energy efficiency program see here


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1 Based on ERM Power analysis of latest published information