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LPG Cutting With Sparks

Foamex Case Study

Foamex is an Australian owned and operated company which has been supplying polystyrene products to commercial and residential customers since 1982.
As a leading polystyrene manufacturer, Foamex’s processes are energy intensive and the company is continually looking for ways to hedge against energy price volatility, strengthen their position in the market and ultimately secure their long-term profitability and survival.
Foamex has invested in energy efficiency projects before and were looking to uncover further innovative, energy productivity options.

In September 2018, Foamex engaged…

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Energy Efficiency Funding for Manufacturers - ERM Power

Energy Efficiency Funding for Manufacturers

The NSW Government is offering up over $16m in matched funding to help manufacturing businesses save energy and money.
The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage funding is open for manufacturing businesses in NSW, as well as potentially those that undertake manufacturing activities, to boost their energy efficiency.
Manufacturers are energy intensive and some of the largest users of energy in the country, so this comes as a valuable opportunity for businesses to upgrade to energy efficient equipment, improve energy metering…

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