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RERT – The Challenges of Maintaining Supply in Extreme Weather

RERT operates outside of the National Electricity Market (NEM) and involves contracting large energy users to either use less energy or generate power from their own generators when called upon by AEMO.

Basically, big industrial users like aluminium smelters, steelworks and paper mills are compensated for ‘switching off’ to provide emergency relief if the power network is threatened.
Summer is traditionally the time of year the power network is most stretched. It’s not just high demand, but extreme temperatures and climatic…

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Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Energy Deal

Considering switching business energy providers? A word to the wise: lock in the best possible terms by thinking green and assuming nothing.
Having dealt with soaring energy costs for years, organisations are becoming savvy. They know they can save significantly if they negotiate wholesale energy prices with retailers. What many don’t realise is that’s not the only way you can control what you pay for energy.

More Powerful than you Think
“While network tariffs are fixed costs that stay the same no…

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