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Image of wind turbines in relation to Corporate PPA

ERM Power launches Corporate PPA offering

ERM Power is proud to have launched a new Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) product to enable easier access to renewable energy sources for commercial and industrial customers.
According to David Guiver, ERM’s Executive General Manager Trading, the new product allows commercial and industrial businesses to buy a partial interest in the output of a large renewable power station in order to support their business and environmental energy objectives.
“Working through ERM Power, businesses can enjoy the benefits of a…

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New Generation of Financial Products Launched to Support Renewables

ERM Power, one of the largest participants in the Australian electricity financial markets, has launched an innovative solar risk management product which bridges the gap for renewables developers in a dynamic and changing energy industry.
The solar product is the first of a new generation of financial instruments which respond to the rapidly evolving Australian renewables market. The first trade was finalised within days of the product being released to the market.
ERM Power Executive General Manager Wholesale Markets David Guiver…

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