Energy Management & Efficiency for Water & Waste Sectors


Energy Management & Efficiency for Water & Waste Sectors

We work with water and waste businesses to deliver customised energy management and efficiency projects that allow your business to achieve your energy and sustainability goals.

Whether your objective is to reduce energy costs, implement further energy management and monitoring systems, or reduce CO2 emissions, ERM Power provides a complete and tailored suite of services to identify energy efficiency opportunities. Using your own data and overlaying sophisticated analytics, we help guide you in delivering the right energy efficiency solutions for your organisation. In addition, we have the engineering and turnkey project management capabilities to implement your energy efficiency projects on time and on budget.

Our expertise lies in:

Renewable energy and sustainability roadmaps

Turnkey project delivery

Aeration and pumping efficiency reviews

Energy management systems and fine-tuning energy operational processes (energy management system and electricity sub-metering at all major facilities, onsite energy coaching of staff)

Small and large-scale solar PV

Plant equipment upgrades, optimisation and automation (e.g. cogeneration units, blowers and boilers)

Interrogation of sub-metering data using our Energy Management Centre (EMC) software and advisory services

Environmental certificate creation

Monetisation of onsite assets through demand management opportunities

Working with Urban Utilities

ERM Power designed a customised energy strategy for our client, Urban Utilities, that increased their energy savings by $200,000.

The Energy Management Centre (EMC) was integrated with Urban Utilities’ SCADA system to closely analyse and monitor sub-metering data. Through this analysis, ERM Power identified numerous energy efficiency opportunities that were implemented to create significant energy savings.

Onsite energy advisors were appointed and trained by ERM Power to maximise the investment in the EMC, by consistently monitoring all systems and processes to ensure they were running as effectively as possible. Through this monitoring we were also able to identify additional energy savings opportunities.

From 2018 to 2019, the mains electricity consumption of the site was reduced by 1.8GWh, which was approximately $200k in energy savings.

Gippsland Water Case Study

Leveraging ERM Power’s data-driven analysis and strategic approach to renewable energy implementation, Gippsland Water is now implementing a 3-year roadmap to reduce their CO2 emissions by 23.7% by 2025, as well as transitioning to renewable energy sources.

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Working with ERM

Make informed decisions about your energy usage and productivity

Data-led solution development based on business structure and sustainability goals

Extensive data-driven analysis and baselining

Creation of strategic and technical energy roadmaps

Create additional revenue through environmental certificate creation

Improve energy efficiency and asset performance of your site

Independent automation solutions, implemented and managed in collaboration with Alliance Automation

Plant equipment upgrades and optimisation

On-site and off-site renewables

Demand Management, including Demand Response

Turnkey solutions and end-to-end project management

Manage complex site processes to maximise your energy efficiency and savings

Strategic energy management advice

Engineering advisory services

Data provision for corporate emissions and energy reporting

Sophisticated energy management software tailored to your business requirements

Measurement and verification services

Energy Management Centre (EMC)

Our Energy Management Centre is a software and advisory solution that gives you access to your energy and operational data when you want it, and provides extensive reporting, alarms, and technical advice to improve performance.

A large industrial plant could have up to several hundred energy wastage events per year. If not found quickly, these leakages cost significant amounts in energy, and will very likely lead to higher maintenance costs and lost production time. But most plants, despite having a sophisticated SCADA system, have limited access to real-time energy data, or just don’t have the resources to process the data to make timely decisions.

Instead of finding problems days, weeks or even months after they occur, we have the capability to find them within hours. Our Energy Management Centre gives you this access.

Energy Rebates, Grants and Certificates

While Australia’s energy landscape has become increasingly challenging to navigate, there are now more opportunities than ever to offset project costs.

A range of Australian Federal and State government certificate schemes and grant programs are available to assist companies with funding or offsetting the cost of energy efficiency projects.

ERM Power can help you to identify available funding and realise opportunities to offset project costs, as an important step on your energy efficiency journey.

Many of our engineers are trained in the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol – the world’s best-practice energy measurement and verification methodology.

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